Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nilo Cruz’s “Anna In the Tropics” to be Developed by "Precious" Director Lee Daniels

Anna in the Tropics the Pulitzer - and Steinberg Prize-winning play by playwright Nilo Cruz is being developed and set to be directed by Precious director Lee Daniels.

Anna In the Tropics the story about a Cuban cigar factory in Florida and a family of cigar rollers who, in the tradition of Cuba, work as a lector reads to them from the classics.

The play premiered on Broadway in 2004 with Jimmy Smits in the lead. It went on to be nominated for two Tonys that same year. It has has been translated and produced for audiences from Australia and China to Spain, Germany and France.

“I always saw it as a film,” says Cruz. “Even though I wrote is as a play, I just think it has endless possibilities as a film”. The possibility of having Daniels as a director appeals to Cruz. “I loved his use of fantasy and quotidian life in Precious. I think my piece also deals with similar level of reality,” he commented to Indiewire.

As for Daniels, who has a slate full of projects including, Selma, The Butler, The Scottsboro Boys and Frederico Fellinis Nights Of Cabiria, it is unsure whether Anna will be his next project or if it will have to wait its turn.

William Morris Entertainment packaged the deal and the collaboration between Cruz and Daniels begins this coming January.

Anna will be produced by the Austin, TX based Mankind Entertainment which is headed by Joe Lamy and John Torres Martinez, who are also developing Castro’s Daughter, written by Bobby Moresco.

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